Baader North America (BNAC) and Baader Canada Limited (BCL) are members of the BAADER Group since 1980.

The Baader Group is the world leader in fish processing equipment with a history of servicing nearly every fish processing country. Baader has developed high-efficiency, state of the art machines to perform a variety of operations such as filleting, heading, gutting, skinning, deboning, trimming as well as other functions.

April 1980 BNAC was opened as a distribution arm for Baader Germany. Its goal was to service the US and Canadian markets. The first corporate office was located in Woburn, Massachusetts with Sales and Service offices in Redmond, Washington and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

In 1984 the Milhench Sheet Metal Company was acquired and the Woburn office was moved to New Bedford, Massachusetts. The expansion into the North American market was proving to be positive and additional offices were opened in St .John’s, Newfoundland (through a buy-out of the Newfoundland agent - Nord Limited). In the mid 1980’s an office in Jackson Mississippi was also opened which was responsible for the expanding farm-raised Catfish industry.

In 1994 the company consolidated its New Bedford, Atlanta, Arkansas and Delaware operations into one new facility in Fort Myers, Florida. Thus began an aggressive development program of new machines for the Catfish, Poultry, Meat and General Foods industries.

In 1997 an opportunity arose to purchase one of the leading US poultry equipment suppliers. BNAC acquired Johnson Food Equipment (JFE) located in Kansas City, Kansas. At this point all poultry products were transferred to JFE.

In August 2002 there was a consolidation of the Florida office into the Kansas City facility. The Fish and General Foods group was transferred to the west coast of the US while the poultry operations remained in Kansas City.

Currently there are three offices servicing the North American Fish and General Foods markets – Auburn Washington, Indianola Mississippi, and St. John’s Newfoundland.