TRIO FDS-2000 / TRIO FDS-2000-2 Skinning and Slicing

The FDS 2000 Skinning Machines are developed for the skinning large fish fillets. The fillets are fed onto the drum from the top where the surface of the skin freezes to the cold drum. A rotating band knife cuts the fillets away from the skin and the skin is then scraped off the drum. The depth of the cut can easily be adjusted.

The main advantages of the machine are:

  • All of the skin surface is flat against the drum
  • The drum is wide enough for two large fillets to be skinned side by side
  • Automatic feeding
  • Shallow and deep skin

Technical Data:

Fish species: Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout, Rainbow Trout, Cod

 Belt speed: 0,4m/s

The FDS 2000-2 Skinning Machine has two
knife sections and can therefore do a second cut simultaneously with the skin cut;

  • Horizontal slicing of the fillet
  • Recovery of the “fat layer”
  • Regular skinning and deep skinning.

Producing fillets or slices with a defined thickness is an advantage when portioning. The
portions look larger and are easier to handle with regards to freezing, thawing and
The second knife can recover the “fat layer” when deep skinning. This meat may
constitute up to 5% of the fillet weight. Normally the meat left on the skin will go to

Technical Data:

Fish species: Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout, Rainbow Trout


For spare-parts please contact:
Sverre Rangen
Phone: + 47 5181 6700 




TRIO FDS 2000 Brochure PDF 700kB