BAADER 581 Belly Trim

BAADER 581 Belly Trim

BAADER 581 Filleting and Belly Trim in ONE Machine

Salmon Belly trim Evolution - BAADER 581


The new Baader Belly Trim option allows our customers to reduce the manual processing after the BAADER 581 and offers a meaningful possibility to reduce the labor costs. With no reduction of speed and a never paralleled process stability, the BAADER 581 is still the most effective and efficient filleting machine on the whole market.

Through a new photoelectric measuring system the BAADER 581 is now empowered to cut the bellytrim with no reduction of the other performance parameters of the machine.

1.       No reduction of speed during Bellytrimcut

With stable 25 fish per minute the machine reaches a very solid high speed. Through reaching also highest yield performance for a trimming option on a filleting machine, the BAADER 581 delivers the world best ratio from throughput to yield.


2.       Contactless Bellytrim Measuring – Let the Light measure your filet!

More hygienic and more efficient than mechanical measuring - with our photoelectric measuring system the fish has no contact to mechanical meausuring. No moving parts lead, like other components of the Baader 581, to the highest reliability for processing.


3.       Increasing the hygienic overall performance

With the further reduction of touching parts to the fish, Baader can fulfill the highest demands to hygienic design by preventing unnecessary contacts with the machine.


4.       Same size variance processing as before

With the BAADER581 Belly trim our customers can ensure the flexibility which the production demands today. Every fish from 2-7kg can be processed easily through servo technology.


5.       Variable Cutline determination

It is possible to determine the thickness of the belly in millimeters or to cut only the pelvic fin. So our customers can easily adjust the performance to their demands.


6.       Two side independent cut variance

25 fish / min is high speed. For the machine and the machine operator. Independent servo engines for both sides can adjust the belly trim cut highly accurate also if a fish is not perfectly positioned on the saddle of the BAADER 581.


7.       “Easy Cut” Menu

Use the interactive touch screen at the BAADER 581 to adjust your demands to the Belly Trim. Whole trim in the thickness of millimeters or only punctual trim for cutting the pelvic fin can be easily chosen.


The new Baader 581 Belly Trim Option: Finally, the market has access to a real Bellytrim with no need of downstream belly operators.

BAADER 581 Belly Trim: photoelectric measuring

Easy Trim Menu