Automatic Feeding of BAADER 142

Automatic Feeding of BAADER 142

Automatic Feeding of BAADER 142


The Autofeed System improves the overall gutting process by automating the distribution of un-gutted fish to BA 142 Gutting Machines.

The open control and process-flow system enables the processor to easily change product flows to the needs and requirements of the production schedule.

Customer Benefits:

  • central feeding station with 2 operators for 4 machines
  • central pre-grading of quality and weight
  • automatic product flow to further processing lines
  • increased capacity utilization
  • total process control for gutting and further process
  • downtime statistics
  • detailed quality statistics
  • full traceability within the production flow

Central Feeding Station:

  • pre-grading of quality
  • pre-grading of the fish will define the further process
  • fully integrated system
  • new hygienic design - easy to access and clean

Total Process Control:

  • according to the data detected at the infeed station and weight information from the BAADER 142 - the fish can be graded:
    by quality,
    and combinations
  • the grading can be done directly in BAADER142 or with a separate subsequent grading system
  • optimized speed control of each machine for highest efficiency
  • all detected data can be stored for each single fish for full traceability

Automatic Product Flow:

  • the fish is fed automatical into the buffer system of each BAADER 142
  • optimal capacity utilization
  • detection of back/belly miss-orientation or too less spacing
  • over-/underweight fish or downgrades can be removed at the feeding station or discharged over the end of the distribution conveyor.
  • tracking sensor for in-/out-control in BAADER 142

Buffer System:

  • Communication between machine and feeding system
  • 3 or 5 magazine chambers increase machine utilization
  • the buffer assures a continuous feed of BAADER 142
  • The fish automatically placed into the machine
  • Precise feeding into the centering flaps in order to be grasped by the tail clamp

Automatic Miss-Cut Protection

  • If the clamp does not grasp the tail - the fish will automatically be sorted out
  • Automatic transfer to the manual gutting station
  • Maximised uptime of the machine

Integrated Business Solutions:

If you seek to improve your overall gutting process it can be done efficiently combining technical and organizational investments.


  • By automating the distribution of fish to the gutting machines
  • By implementing the innovative BAADER software system.

Every production unit has its unique goals for capacities, products and performance.

BAADER helps you to fulfil these goals by focusing on key factors during the production and good manufacturing practices.

Let BAADER advice you and provide solutions on how to structure your information flow. We have defined various principles that must be observed during food processing in order to correct production varations and optimize the complete product flow.