Clean Fish Kit

Clean Fish Kit

Clean Fish Kit (CFK) for BAADER 142

The CFK device is optional available in new machines and can be installed as an upgrade-kit in existing BAADER 142 Gutting Machines.

It is a precondition that this machines also have the YMK (Yield Maxisiming Kit and the newest Hygiene Performance).

Customer Benefits:

  • With the CFK the cleaning result of the belly cavity is substantially improved.
  • The cleaning action is triggered from the size of the fish
  • A combination with the autofeed kit is possible.

Machine Applications and Features:

Working range from 2 to 7kg (as standard version – small fish kit and big fish kit optional available)Fits inside the space used for the standard BAADER 142 (Inspection belt needs to be shortened by approx. 500 mm)For separating the blood water from the guts two single vacuum connections are standard. It is optional possible to bring this together again in one pipe with a special connector.

Technical Data

  • Fish species: Salmon, Trout
  • Throughput rate:
    Standard and small fish version:
    up to 16 fish /min
    Big fish version: up to 12 fish/min
  • Working range:
    Standard version: 2 – 7kg
    Small fish version: 1.3 – 3.5 kg
    Big fish version: 5 – 12 kg
    The complete size range of the BAADER 142 can be processed with the CFK system. However, from a fish size of 7 kg, manual final cleaning is required in each case! When processing deformed fish, manual final cleaning may be required.