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ClassifEYE® - Better than the human eye

The ClassifEYE® is an automated, in-line quality inspection system designed for grading whole birds. The vision system specifies defect types and determines quality grade. The grade detection is used to optimise upstream processes, whole bird utilisation and eventually, profits.

As a minimum, our ClassifEYE® vision system is equipped with a front and a back camera to detect broken wings, skin flaws, bruises, feathers, hock burns, bile, etc. If detection should also cover both sides of the bird, two additional cameras can be added to the system. The number of applied cameras depends on the detail demands made on defect detections.

  • Automate the grade detection and reduce labour costs
  • Optimise the use of each bird to increase profits
  • Increase yield and a-grades through continuous processing corrections
  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering the expected product quality
  • Obtain consistent statistics about flock characteristics