High-performance evisceration

High-performance evisceration

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High performance evisceration

Faster line speed means higher production and greater profit opportunities. Today, BAADER LINCO offers evisceration equipment capable of processing up to 13,500 birds per hour without jeopardising carcass quality nor food safety.

  • Multiple adjustment features that enables processing varying bird flocks.
  • Within the same machine set-up our machines can effectively process bird sizes that vary with +/- 350 grams (12 oz).
  • Adjustments can be performed during production to optimise uptime.
  • Correct adjustment ensures high yield and minimises faecal contamination.


Vent Cutter 196

The Vent Cutter 196 removes the vent from the chicken with a circular cut around the vent opening. During cutting, the birds are firmly positioned using specially designed hip huggers. The result is a highly accurate cutting performance. To ensure correct adjustment, the machine is equipped with three hand-operated hydraulic jacks that allow precise adjustment of the main shaft - even during production.


Opener 246

After vent cutting, the Opener 246 performs a perfect opening cut of the abdominal skin from the vent opening to the tip of the breastbone, hereby creating the opening for the subsequent evisceration machine.

Special hip huggers help to position each bird and ensure a high-precision cut of the abdominal skin. This accuracy significantly reduces the risk of injuries to intestines during the opening process or opening the skin too much, thus leaving the breast meat uncovered.

The Opener 246 is easy to adjust during production. This is accomplished by four hand-operated hydraulic jacks that allow precise positioning of the main shaft height, the height of the hip huggers, the blade depth and the cutting length.


Eviscerator 218

The Eviscerator 218 automatically removes the giblet and intestines pack. The pack is transferred to a separate clip overhead conveyor to avoid faecal contamination from the intestines to the carcass. Also, veterinary inspection of the pack hanging in the clip is comfortable as all parts of the pack can easily be examined. 

Adjusting the evisceration machine to fit the actual flock size allows for obtaining a complete pack removal, protecting the pack and the ribcage, and minimising contamination with gall or faeces. The Eviscerator 218 can be height adjusted and spoons come in different sizes to obtain the most efficient evisceration of the bird. The machine is equipped with quick spoon release that allows for easy adjustment between flocks.


Cropper 426

After evisceration, the Cropper 426 removes the crop and the windpipe attached to the neck of the bird by introducing a cropping probe into the bird’s cavity.

The machine is easy to adjust to varying flock sizes by using hand-operated hydraulic jacks placed on the outside of the machine to adjust the main shaft. Correct adjustment ensures a precise bird and probe positioning. This again ensures an effective removal of crop and windpipe, and avoids injuries to neck skin and breast.


Final Inspection/Neck Breaker 472

The combined Final Inspection/Neck Breaker 472 first removes possible lungs and residues. Then the machine removes the neck bone by first breaking the neck bone and then pulling it out of the bird, while leaving the neck skin attached to the bird.

Three settings can easily be adjusted on the machine using hydraulics: main shaft height, hip huggers height and the positioning of the neck breaking.


Inside-Outside Washer 494

Inside-outside bird washing after evisceration has been shown to reduce both residuals and bacterial populations on the meat.

The Inside-Outside Washer 494 performs a thorough washing of the carcass, thus reducing debris and bacteria on the inner and outer bird surface. Water nozzles enter the bird to clean it inside and the water drains through the neck opening. On the outside, water jets wash the bird from top to bottom.


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