UniLoad is a uniquely designed live bird handling system that protects your live bird investment. It universally fits the requirements of the global poultry markets.


Key benefits UniLoad

  • Three drawer sizes to fit the width of your truck
  • 4 or 5 tiers for full height utilisation
  • More truck capacity with fewer modules
  • Better carbon footprint due to less fuel consumption
  • Both manual and automatic catching
  • Easy and fast loading through the large drawer opening
  • Increased workers’ welfare
  • Controlled Atmosphere Stunning for increased animal welfare and consistent meat colour and quality
  • Rough dumping or tipping eliminated through shackling directly from drawers
  • Fewer carcass downgrades


Animal welfare is good business

Taking animal welfare into consideration from catching to slaughtering is a growing demand both from consumers and legislative authorities. Besides being ethical, focus on animal welfare is good business. It enables more A-grade carcasses and higher meat quality.



Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS)

When implementing a CAS Pit System the birds’ stress level is reduced and painful shackling of conscious birds avoided. Carcass quality problems such as broken bones, twisted legs, dislocated joints, skin tears, blood spots, bruises and insufficient bleed-out rates are substantially reduced.

The drawers are gradually lowered into the pit, and for each step down, the CO₂ concentration progressively increases, creating a gentle and controlled stunning process. After exiting the CAS Pit System, the birds remain unconscious during shackling and slaughtering.


The advantages of a CAS Pit System

  • Increased animal welfare
  • Fewer bird injuries
  • Consistent meat colour and quality
  • Significant gas consumption savings
  • Improved shackling operators’ welfare
  • Constant monitoring and control of the gas gradient by means of camera and gas concentration sensors