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What is "BAADER Meat"?

In 1969 BAADER developed the press-separation process for the separation of soft and hard components. It is used for desinewing and meat recovery of pre-cut red meat, poultry etc..

The so-called "BAADER meat" is a fixed term of quality today.

But what exactly is BAADER meat?

Demands from the market have led us to classify the BAADER meat (which can only be gained from the original BAADER machines) in more detail.

We herewith try to present the quality of "BAADER meat" more transparently.

We have comissioned an independent institution to examine the BAADER technology from a food law perspective.

First, it should be noted that "BAADER meat" is comparable with ground meat.

The BAADER Press-Separation method separates meat from connective tissue and sinews.

The meat obtained is NOT MSM / MDM and therefore does not have to be declared as such.

See here:

KIN Institute_BAADER meat = ground Meat.pdf

KIN Institute_Considerations on BAADERs separation method from the food regularatory point of view.pdf

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