BAADER 64 Knife Sharpening Machine

BAADER 64 Knife Sharpening Machine

BAADER 64 Knife Sharpening Machine

For knives of the BAADER 142 salmon gutting machine

Customer Benefits:

When using the wet grinding and sharpening system BAADER 64, your knives for the BAADER 142 are always optimally sharpened thus ensuring optimal cuts.

Thanks to the sharpening devices especially developed for the knives of the BAADER 142, handling is very easy, exact and safe and guarantees always the correct angle of the knife-edges.

Wet grinding at slow speed prevents overheating and thus loss of the knives' hardness.

Machine Applications and Features:

The BAADER 64 is a wet grinding and whetting machine for all knives used in the BAADER 142 salmon gutting machine and for all manual knifes.

Special sharpening devices that can be mounted on universal supports provided to this end make for easy, exact and safe handling. These special devices ensure that the correct cut for each blade is always achieved.

For whetting and/or stripping, the sharpening device is simply mounted on the opposite holding fixture and exact as well as safe whetting is possible. The leather whetting wheel removes the burr from the blade and the edge is polished until it is sharp as a razor blade.

A storage box of special design allows proper storing of all knifes, blades and holding fixtures.