Multi - Function for Flatfish

Multi - Function for Flatfish

Multi - Function

BAADER 176 Heading, Gutting and Filleting

Technical Data:
  • Processes:
    most species of Flatfish (Plaice, Sole, Flounder, Halibut, Megrim, Dab and the like)
  • Working range:
    from 27-55 cm in total length
  • Throughput rate:
    up to 65 fish/min
  • Operator:
    1 person

Customer Benefits:

  • BAADER 176 processes gutted, round and headed fish
  • Computer controlled tools
  • To ensure always optimal cuts it is necessary to have optimally sharpened knives. BAADER 62 Knife Sharpening Machines is especially designed for that purpose.
  • Suction system for ungutted fish optional available